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Dentiste’ is a global leader in premium oral care solutions, spreading across 20 countries in 6 continents.

The Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste series was originally created by 2 dentists from Thailand who were set out to find a solution to the problem of bad morning breath, which many people face.

Think along the lines of kissing your other half good morning while being worried about how your breath might smell!



Fresh Morning Kiss

Fresh Morning Breath

Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste is fluoride free, cruelty free, and is powered by 14 premium natural extracts and Cyclodextrin Complex (CDX) that work together to fight oral bacteria - the culprit behind bad morning breath.

The ingredients used in Dentiste' work synergistically to provide unrivalled active and passive protection against nighttime bacteria, making the Dentiste' bad breath elimination mechanism so unique and effective.


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