It's time to kiss bad morning breath goodbye.

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93% of users who brush their teeth with Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste experienced a decrease in bad morning breath just after one night's use!

What People Love About Dentiste'

“I have tried lots of fluoride-free toothpastes before and they do not seem to be great with the breath-freshening factor. Either that, or the toothpaste taste chalky or weird. However, this one tastes well and works really well to give fresh morning breath!” 

- Abby L.

"What I really love about this toothpaste is that it keeps my mouth from bad breath (yay to morning kisses) in the morning. Another bonus with sharing this toothpaste with my partner is that we don't have any more disagreement about using the toothpaste (from the end or from the top)! The tube bounces back to its original size after squeezing. This is really a COUPLES toothpaste like it claims!"

- Angelica S.

"This toothpaste tastes great and doesn't sting. Not overly strong but still minty to make you feel refreshed. It’s really effective in keeping my breath fresh all day and even all night. I don't have bad breath to start with but you really can't help morning breath. I have just placed an order for my toothpaste supplies for the next 6 months!"

- Pritchard Jay T.

Award Winning Toothpaste


Monde Selection Gold Award

for 3 consecutive years

(2014-2016) in Korea


@Cosme no.1


in Japan


Monde Selection Gold Award

for 2 consecutive years

(2014-2015) in Japan

Fresh Morning Breath Made Possible

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