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"To solve the problem of bad breath, two dentists from Thailand have created Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste – a unique herbal formula specially designed to give fresh breath in the morning. It is fluoride free, cruelty-free, and is powered by 14 premium natural extracts and Cyclodextrin Complex (CDX) that work together to fight oral bacteria – the culprit behind bad morning breath."

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The Style Jungle Review of Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste"Not only does it keep your breath fresh, but also really effectively whitens the teeth. Though the last one is not even something written in bold among the features of the toothpaste, but I have still noticed the difference in about a week already. 

And the best outcome? You don't have to rush into the bathroom immediately after waking up and can spend some time cuddling with hubby instead! Iconic way to start the lazy weekend. DENTISTE' is known as 'the first toothpaste for couples' and definitely meets the expectations." 

- Kseniia (The Style Jungle)
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Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste Review

"This is clearly a premium product. For me the fact that it helps with morning breath, is just an added bonus. I was living in a land where I thought all fluoride free toothpastes had to be chalky & frothy and so I was far more impressed with how smooth the paste is and how fantastic it tastes. I find it hard to believe that I will like another toothpaste better than this one so, of course I highly recommend you take advantage of their almost ‘free sample’ and see for yourself if you like it as much as me." 

- Alicia Morley (Miss Amor)
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Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste Review


"It leaves your mouth feeling tingly, fresh and minty. Minty, did I mention minty – so beautifully clean and minty. I do love the ‘aftertaste’, and can instantly feel my teeth feel smoother and cleaner after using it. Especially if I rub my tongue along the inside of my bottom row of teeth – super sparkling clean I tell ya! I use it morning and night and love it!"
- Taryn (Wellness With Taryn)