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Dentiste’ is a global leader in premium oral care solutions, spreading across 20 countries in 6 continents.

Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste was originally created by 2 dentists from Thailand who were set out to find a solution to the problem of bad morning breath, which many people face. Think along the lines of kissing your other half good morning while being worried about how your breath might smell!

This toothpaste is fluoride free, and is powered by premium natural ingredients that work together to fight oral bacteria, helping people to have fresh morning breath while taking superior care of their oral hygiene, consequently improving relationships and personal confidence.

It has been immensely popular in 20 other countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey, Switzerland etc over the last two decades. Now, we would like to introduce this premium oral care product to all New Zealanders who wants to wake up with fresh morning breath, and at the same time improve their health and wellbeing by eliminating fluoride from their daily oral care routine. 

Our strong commitment to relentless innovation and quality has resulted in products that have improved people’s lives and received worldwide accolades.