9 Tips That Can Help You Stay Fresh During A Long Flight

stay fresh on a long flight airplane view

We all love traveling to a new destination far far away from home, no matter for holiday or for business. But long flights... Not necessarily always fun. Sometimes we end up with an aching body, dehydrated skin and throat, or complete fatigue even before the trip begins!

So we spoke to a friend of ours who is a flight attendant, and delved into the top 9 tips that can help you stay fresh (and look fresh) during, and after, a long flight. 


Did you know that the humidity level in the cabins of most commercial airlines is just 10-20 percent? That is way lower than what our bodies are used to. This can cause an uncomfortably dry throat, and also heavily weakens your immune system which is not good especially when the air in the plane is re-circulated, leaving you exposed to the bacteria from a hundred other people. 

To stay hydrated, it is recommended that you drink at least a glass of water for each hour inflight. Of course, avoiding alcohol and caffeine will help with the dehydration (but yeah, we know that's tough). 

You can also try taking it one step further by drinking coconut water. This low-calorie beverage helps with electrolyte replacement and is perfect for keeping you hydrated throughout the flight. Read more about the benefits of coconut water here.


We are often advised to moisturize during long flights, but many of us miss one important step that can make a huge difference. 

Exfoliation will remove all the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin, and this will help your skin drink up all the moisturizer that you apply. 

The next time you have a trip coming up, try this before your head to the airport and feel the difference! 


This is the one thing that you absolutely cannot be lazy about. Don't forget to pack in your usual skincare routine including eye cream and face moisturizer. It would be even better if you bring some moisturizing sheet masks up with you - just don't walk around scaring the other passengers ;)

To make your usual routine more effective, ask for a damp cloth/napkin and pat it over your face before you apply your moisturizer as it will absorb and retain better when your face is damp. 

Other moisturizing essentials would be a tube of hand cream and lip balm - having dried out hands or cracked lips probably isn't the best way for you to feel and look fresh! 


When the "Fasten Seatbelt" sign is off, go ahead and take a stroll in the cabin or to the washroom. Standing up and walking around is the best way for you to combat bloatedness and keep your blood circulation going. This can help you look fresh and rosy even after you disembark! 

Another pro tip: If you can, try not to lower your seat back too much. This may cause fluid retention and consequently, puffy eyes. 


Bloodshot eyes are quite possibly the last thing on a "Look Fresh" checklist. To avoid looking like life was sucked out of you during the flight, have eye drops handy in your carry-on. Put in some eye drops when you feel like your eyes are getting dry or stingy. 

Note: Please remember to follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure that you are not over-using it. 


Now, we all know that foul taste in your mouth or that funky morning breath when you wake up in the morning. Definitely doesn't feel fresh eh? This is the result of odour-causing oral bacteria which grow really quickly in dry mouth conditions when we sleep. Click here to see how bad morning breath develops. 

During a flight, the frequency of your mouth becoming dry is going to be much higher. What happens then? The foul taste and bad breath will definitely be there to haunt you throughout the flight. 

Besides drinking up like previously advised, another must-do is to maintain oral hygiene by brushing your teeth and flossing as usual. Try to do it twice during a long flight - once at the start of the flight, and once at the end of the flight. Having a fresh mouth is the first step to feeling good and fresh during and after a long flight!

Try the Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste series which uses a unique proprietary formula specifically created to fight the oral bacteria that produces the foul-smelling compounds in your mouth. 


Fatigue will leave you feeling terrible and looking anything else but fresh, so ensure that you get a good sleep in the plane where it can be hard due to inflight conditions.

The 3 things that you probably wouldn't want to go without would be an eye mask to block out as much light as possible, ear plugs to block out the aircraft noises including the sounds of babies crying, and a trusty travel neck pillow so that your head won't be painfully dangling off your neck as you are dozing off. We recommend a memory foam neck pillow like this one here which protects your neck really well. 

(As a bonus, you probably wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the flight finding your head on a stranger's shoulder!)


How your hair looks and smells after a flight is a HUGE factor in whether you feel fresh or not. We all have different hair and scalp conditions; some of us might have a flat head after a flight and some of us might have an oily scalp which can look and feel really gross. But one thing's for sure, it is hard to have good hair after a 10 hour flight. 

Lucky for us, dry shampoo was invented! This awesome product does everything to refresh your hair without you having to use water. I've used it and it works wonders - the product removes any excess grease at the roots, leaving you with a clean feeling, volume, and most importantly, great smelling hair! 


Last but not least, to feel fresh after a flight you most definitely have to smell fresh! Unless you can take a shower in the plane, which is highly unlikely, your best alternative would be to put on deodorant before you embark. So don't forget to pack it in your bags before you leave the house! 


There you go, 9 tips that can help you stay fresh during and after a long flight. One final tip - Remember to make sure all of the above-mentioned products are in 100ml bottles and kept neatly in a clear plastic bag; you wouldn't wanna start your flight frantically throwing out items that cannot be accepted onboard!